talk dirty to me..

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Liam at Funky Buddha Club. (April 16th, 2014)

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Anonymous: Today I was doing a project in class and my lab partner's topic was the same as mine and it said we were the most beautiful etc and we were just kidding around and saying we're really beautiful and this guy was like no you're not to me and it really hurt my feelings cause i know i'm ugly and idk what to do

i can’t really help you because that happened to me lots of times too and i never knew what to do…..guys like this are just dicks :/

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i am so obsessed with crop tops and today i couldn’t resist it so i bought two (they are actually better than how they look here but i’m not photogenic so the pics turned out shit) ;)

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Niall Horan last night at the Calderon Stadium in Madrid, Spain.(22/4/14)

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Liam last night in California (x)

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has anyone noticed that tumblr looks like dead these days,or is just me that i have no new followers,no notes,no anything?

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@atletienglish: Thanks @NiallOfficial for the visit! It’s been a luxury to have a @onedirection member at the Calderón! ;) #UCL
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// Harry with fans at the Kings game in LA. (4/22) //

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Niall in Madrid 22.04.14

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Where We Are Tour - South America

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